Land Transport




 2010-2011  Johor Port  Port Klang to Johor Port of 5000 LME by bonded trucks
 2010-2020  Alfagomma  Trucking Service from Pasir Gudang to MMHE / KL / KSB
 2010-2020  Dunlop Hiflex  Trucking from Pasir Gudang to Klang Valley
 2019-2020  SGB Malaysia  PTP to Klang Valley
 2012  MPIF  EEW to WASCO Pipi
 2012-2020  Tenaga Kimia  Dangerous Good Class 1.4D from Rawang to Port Klang 
 2012-2014  Kontena Nasional  Trucking from Pasir Gudang to Pengrang
 2016-2018  Peri Malaysia  Pengerang to Nilai

Cross Border & Customs  Brokerage




 2010-2012  Johor Port  LME cross border from Jurong Port to Pasir Gudang Port
 2018-2020  MATCO  Singapore to KSB / KLIA / Klang Valley / Pengerang / MMHE
 2011-2020  Arena Group  Subang to Sentosa Island / Bangkok
 2012-2020  Tenaga Kimia  Dangerous Goods of class 1.4D trucking with special permit & police escort
 2018-2020  Valser  Trucking and clearance from/ to Singpore – Nilai
 2012  MPIF  Pipe from Jurong to Kuantan  
 2019-2020  SGB

Trucking service from Singapore to PTP and Vise Versa
include clearance and Singapore permit

Shipping & Marine Logistics




 2012-2013  Salgaocar  Lay-Up Service in Batu Pahat
 2013-2015  Winter Mendows  Lay-up/ Ship Management / Crew Management / Chartering / Bunkering / Chandeling
 2018-2020  MATCO  LCL Shipment from Penisular to Labuan / Miri / Bintulu
 2018-2020  Sedia Teguh LCL Shipment from Penisular to Labuan / Miri / Bintulu
 2019  ATTS  40 Containers of 40′ Shipping Service to Myanmar

Airfreight & International Freight Forwarding




 2017-2020  Tenaga Kimia  KLIA to Hong Kong & Bangkok
 2018-2020  Austin Powders  DG class 1.4D from Praque to Jakarta/ Bangkok / Singapore
 2018-2020  Pronal  France to Kuala Lumpur International Airport of Oil & Gas items
 2018-2020  MATCO Door to door service from France / Italy / Spain / USA to Malaysia
 2019-2020  Sedia Teguh Door to door service from Korea to Malaysia
 2018-2020  MATCO Door to door service from KLIA to Labuan / Miri / Kuching / Bintulu
 2018-2020  Valser Door to door service from France / Italy / Spain / USA to Malaysia and Inter-airport Service

Projects And Manpower





2011 – 2015

Transfair Offshore

Junior Kennedy Rig

RIG Management


Arena Group

Singapore Hsbc Golf Tournanment / Singapore F1 / Simedarby Golf Tournanment / Bangkok Golf Tounanment

Cross Border Clearance / Manpower / Trucking / Bonded Trucking / Manpower Suport


SGB Malaysia

PTP Warehouse Management

Manpower/ Trucking/cross Border / Inventory Management / Bonded Warehousing


Tenaga Kimia

Dangraous Good Cross Border

Escort Application / Dg Trucking Service / Wharf Delivery